Our Needs


Our Community


Our Future

The Ono Church is a community of people, of all ages and backgrounds, who come together with joy and hope because of God’s never-ending promises. At Ono Church we are focused on Offering the Way, Teaching the Truth and Living the Life Through Jesus Christ.

Our hope is to meet the needs of our community through family friendly facilities for all ages. We desire to assist our community and make our church available for a variety of activities. Our facilities are inadequate for our current and future ministry programs. Together we can renovate and expand Ono Church to meet current and future needs.


  • Master Plan for current and future planning
  • Multipurpose Space
  • Community Hub for Outreach and Evangelism
  • Family Friendly Facilities which are handicapped accessible for all ages
  • Space for our Youth and Children’s Ministries

In order to accomplish our objective, we will need to conduct a Capital Appeal. Currently we have hired an architect and builder to provide us with preliminary cost. Upon approval of the Administrative Council to move forward with a Capital Campaign, we will have fundraising counsel to lead us in a Capital Appeal. Prior to any land acquisitions or construction, a congregational vote will need to be taken.

As we move forward, we will trust in our Lord and ask for his guidance. We will proceed optimistically and be as transparent as possible. In all decisions we will seek congregational input and assistance.

Campaign Prayer

Heavenly Father, we praise you for the vision and faithfulness of our fore-fathers and mothers who gave us your Gospel.

Lord Jesus, we praise you for the grace and love with which you uplift and sustain us each day.

Holy Spirit, we praise you for leading us so that generations yet unborn may be transformed by you.

Holy God empower us to be your faithful church as we prepare for the future. Lead and guide us so that your Light will shine into our world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus/Capital Campaign

We are continuing with our Capital Campaign plans. The coronavirus pandemic has made our timeline tentative. We plan on soliciting funds in late summer / early fall of 2021. A final decision will be made on our exact timeline this spring.

All funds collected for our Capital Campaign will be used when we do move forward. Planning for our future is essential more than ever as we feed our faith and not our fears. Given the enormity of the impact in the economy no one knows what the future holds, but we all hope and pray for the best.

Capital Campaign Q&A

1. Why are we starting to raise funds in a Capital Campaign when we don’t even know exactly what work/expansion will be done?

In order to accomplish expansion and/or renovation of the existing building we need to raise monies now to help cover the costs of the architect, surveyors, engineers etc. who are diligently working on an evaluation of our church needs and what those changes might look like. We will also need start up funds when we are ready to proceed with construction. Our prayer is that through campaign giving we may not need to borrow monies at any point during this expansion process. We also understand not everyone is able to give a large one time donation, so this allows people opportunity to set up regular giving over the life of the campaign.

2. What decisions will be made in the first half of 2020 and by whom?

The tentative schedule is to have Ad Council review conceptual design proposals by the architect at the March Ad Council meeting. These proposals will be for improvements to our current building and a multi-purpose addition. Ad Council will study the proposals and recommend a plan to the congregation. After Easter, at a congregational meeting, the architect will be in attendance to help present the recommendation to the congregation for approval. The conceptual designs approved by Ad Council in March will be available for the congregation to view before the congregational meeting.

3. What is the purchase price of the property to the south of the church, formerly the Henry Shuey property, if purchased by the Ono U.M. Church?

The Moyer’s have offered the property for sale, to the Ono U.M. Church, for the same price they purchased it for, in July 2016. That price was $195,000.00. The Ono U.M. Church will have until July 2021 to purchase the 5 acre property from the Moyer’s for the same price they purchased it for.

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